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Parents-To-Be-Award Application

ZIP Code:
Who is referring the person:
Age of Couple:
Race of couple
Race of child wishing to adopt
Homestudy approval date
Agency who completed homestudy
Estimated cost of adoption
How much have you raised?
How much are you requesting from Helping Kids Cope?
Have you requested from your agency to send the completed homestudy with references, criminal background checks and financial stability? Yes
Where are you in the adoption process (i.e. waiting for a referral, registered in foreign government, in profile books, chosen and waiting on child to be born, etc)?
Where are you adopting from (international, state, country or domestic)?
Have you adopted before? Yes
How are you going to share with the community about Helping Kids Cope to help spread the word and generate donations to HKC to help others?
A letter for request must be submitted with application including why should the award be given to you, how would it benefit you and how are you going to impact your own community upon receiving the award to show positive reinforcement in communities. The letters submitted are property of HKC and might be used in later publications. Please send supporting documents (homestudy, references, criminal clearance, and photographs if possible to , )
Disclaimer---Other documents will be needed to complete the request. You will receive an automated response that the request was received and upon review you will receive either a request for more information or a request to apply again at a later date. Please understand that Helping Kids Cope wants to give to all requests but that is not possible. Therefore, the child that demonstrates the biggest need at the time of the request will be considered first. The Board of Directors reviews the request and we ask the same questions for each request to determine the level of need. These questions are not public knowledge due to application being skewed.

No phone calls please. To learn the status of your application, email info@helpingkidscope.com, Subject: status of application

Note: Awards will not be granted until early 2004


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