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 Helping Kids Cope Charity

First Quarter Update 2003




Text Box: Current Events:
These past months have been full of great beginnings for Helping Kids Cope.  We have been blessed with a wonderful Board of Directors and an amazing group to host our first annual golf event.  Thank you to all who made donations, participated and helped arranged this amazing event.  It was a huge success. We raised close to $10,000.  We had over 75 supporters and over 50 companies give in-kind donations. With this money we are able to change the lives of so many children.  We are able to work with birth parents, children in foster care and help with the financial strains for adoptive families.  We will be able to grant many awards to applicants who have been approved.  We have already reached 20 different states and growing.  





















Text Box:  
General Information:
Did you know that in Tennessee alone there are currently over 800 children in foster care waiting to be adopted?  There were 915 birth parents whom placed for adoption and 922 families who adopted last year. That just shows the importance of Helping Kids Cope.  We are a resource for everyone involved in the adoption process.  Remember we are not an adoption agency we work with adoption agencies to help birth parents, adoptive parents and children in foster care.  Adoption truly touches everyone in some way.  Our Smiles Award is for children in foster care waiting to be adopted.  As children get older the chances of being adopted lessens, that means the chances of many other things in life lessen also.  We want to show them through education that they can achieve their goals.  The Positive Choice Award is for birth parents that have successfully completed an adoption plan.  Birth parents are truly awesome people, they cared enough about their unborn child to carry the child to term and place the child for adoption.  We want to offer them an education so they can be self sufficient.  Parents To Be Award are for homestudy ready adoptive parents.  We want to offer them financial assistance for their adoption related expenses.  Helping Kids Cope is the only organization currently offering assistance to everyone involved in the adoption process.  Adoption truly touches everyone in some way.

Text Box: Future Needs:
We continue to receive positive feedback from the community about our mission and it has truly been amazing to hear everyone’s experience with adoption.  An awesome article was released in Agape Press (www.agapepress.org) under their commentary news brief section.  They highlighted our mission and each award.  We continue to need media attention from everywhere not just in Tennessee.  We have had several articles written and soon we will be highlighted on a local news station.  If you have any connections with the media print, radio, or TV and would be willing to assist with getting us coverage, we would appreciate it greatly.  We also are seeking individuals who are willing to assist in getting an article about Helping Kids Cope placed in their church bulletin.  The future of Helping Kids Cope includes a comedy night, dinner and auction and an adoption offering during the remainder of 2003.  So if you want to help with any of these events feel free to contact us at info@helpingkidscope.com.  Donations are tax deductible and can be made online through pay pal.  Please visit our web site at www.helpingkidscope.com and pass the newsletter along to everyone you feel would like to know about Helping Kids Cope.  We are always needing donations and we are currently seeking in-kind donations of a lap top computer, digital camera, copier and other miscellaneous office supplies.  Thank you for supporting Helping Kids Cope and making us a common resource in the adoption community.  













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