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Helping Kids Cope Monthly News

January 2003

Current Events:

Helping Kids Cope is proud to announce the official website. It looks great and I hope easy to find items. We are hoping that this year will be a great first year for us. Helping Kids Cope is a one of a kind non-profit. To our knowledge there is not another non-profit like Helping Kids Cope around. We help with the entire adoption process from the birth mother to the adoptive families. We also help children waiting to be adopted in foster care. There are many ways to get involved with Helping Kids Cope and change the life of a child.

Latest Events:

Helping Kids Cope had a wrapping day at Zany Brainy and it was wonderful for the community to see us at work and learn about us. We received donations for gift wrapping and we received a positive response from the community about Helping Kids Cope. It was a great time. Thanks to the wonderful people and staff at Zany Brainy. We will be hosting a educational night in February for children waiting in foster care. It will be an evening these children will not forget. The theme of the night is to share love and support while showing the joys of learning. The evening is to promote education so these young children can be self sufficient later in life. If these children in foster care do not get adopted, what happens to them after they leave the foster care system? We want to make sure they decide to use their knowledge and education to excel in life. That is the purpose of the evening. Hopefully we will have many surprises for these children. Please get involved with this wonderful event.

Special News:

We will be accepting applications soon for each award. Please go and review the guidelines for the awards and you can apply online. Phone calls are not accepted at this time. You can check the status on your application by email. We hope to grant our first award in the first quarter of 2003.

In appreciation to:

Helping Kids Cope wants to thank Brooks Printing for their support and donation. We also want to thank Kinkos in Franklin for their donation. I also want to thank everyone for giving their much appreciated time, talent and continuous support.

Word from the President:

Our goal for 2003 is to raise $300,000 and grant 250 awards. With your help this will be possible. It is not easy being a new foundation but with your help just by spreading to word of Helping Kids Cope to your friends, co-workers and families the recognition follow by a good reputation will do the rest. If you work for a company that donates to non profits take the time to ask how Helping Kids Cope could apply for that grant and together we can raise the money to help so many families, children and birth parents.


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